We would like to thank everyone for all the kind words. It means the world to us to know that we have touched your lives and helped so many get closer to their dreams.

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Bob Garrett, Celebrity
Vocal Coach

"As a well respected vocal coach to the stars.... for the last 25 years, I support their beautiful vision and have been thrilled and honored to be a part of and witness their life altering work.”

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Sarah Ilijanich,
Fusion Talent Agency

"Maria Luisa is a visionary... who believes in giving opportunities to up-and-coming talent.”


Parent, Lucie Afonso (mother of Malia Afonso)

This has been an experience none of us will forget, but especially for Malia.
I will be honest-  at first, I was nervous.  On top of the Elite program costs, and the A-List cost, LA was going to be a huge shock to this single mama's bank account, but I am so glad we did it, and would do it again, no question. And, the reasons for that are simple-  Maria Luisa, Jimmy and the A-LIst team!

From moment one, no question was too small to deserve a timely answer, ML and J were available ANYtime I reached out.  Smiles, hugs, encouragement-  ALL there and genuine!

And then IN LA- Bob Garrett, Paul Fischer (who was by far my fave!) and Matthew Morgan's workshops taught so much and connected so well to the kids. Celebrating talent, and honouring the young person participating, as well as his/her family-  THAT is what A-List is about. Thank you Maria Luisa for the vision you had in starting A-List-  you can be proud of it, yourself, and your TEAM!


Talent, Annika Desando

Where else would a 15 year old get an opportunity like this? Travel to LA, take workshops with industry professionals who were knowledgeable, interesting and helpful and perform with other amazing actors, singers and dancers. I learned so much about my own strengths and where I can make progress. Thanks A-List!


Parent, Rosanna Desando (mom) Annika Desando

Dear Maria Luisa, Jimmy and staff,

Annika and I were hoping to get a few moments with you in LA to express our gratitude for your kindness, support and belief in Annika. I can't believe how much has happened in 10 months for Annika. Her growing confidence and continuous smile have been testimony to what she has learned about the business and about herself.  We could not have learned this anywhere else! Thanks for such an amazing experience. You are all so wonderful!

Grazie tanto!

Rosanna and Annika


Parent, Pauline Perri (Mom of Raquel Perri)

A-List International was the most professional and well organized event we have ever attended. My daughter had the experience of a lifetime. She met wonderful people that she will keep in touch with. The event helped my daughter gain much more confidence and she has a much more positive attitude in achieving her dreams!!! Maria Luisa and Jimmy are truly inspiring.!!!


Parent, Andrea Bolton (mother of Jenna Bolton)

I am writing to say that the A-List event that just occurred for my 12 year old daughter was an experience of a lifetime!

She auditioned in October 2016, being very new to acting, and has grown so much from that beginning to the main event in July 2017. Maria Luisa and Jimmy nurtured her growth, gave constructive criticism and were always positive. They live for these talented kids, both young and old, and are proud of their successes!

The event itself in Burbank was incredible. The hotels are fabulous, the workshops and seminars with industry professionals are all top notch, and the competition and red carpet event at Warner Bros studios were both so meticulously done. The talent and guests were treated like royalty and we never thought just how lucky we would feel to be a part of it all!

I trust Maria Luisa and Jimmy implicitly with the advice they gave my child and me as her parent. This is an event you will not want to miss if given the opportunity! You will have a wonderful time and leave feeling like a star!


Talent, Myles Elliott

This was a great opportunity to help me find people to help both my brand and my talent grow. I meet some awesome people who I am happy to call friends. Also got to see LA for the first time, overall it was fun.

Parent, Regina Valentine

This was a great opportunity to get exposure for my child! Learning the in's and out's of the business and meeting people who have worked with big names at the seminars.